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We’re working hard to meet the needs of your clients by getting them access to premium digital health + wellness benefits that address the 2 most important needs of the COVID-19 era workforce: Financial Assistance and Mental and Behavioral Health & Well-Being benefits.


The pandemic has only made things more clear: too many of us live on the financial breaking point. Too many of us are stressed, anxious, and struggling, and it’s impacting our emotional and mental health. To put it bluntly, the downstream consequences of living like this affect our relationships, our families and friends, our careers—and our lives.

The 2 most essential things we need right now are ways to get some financial help and access to affordable health and well-being resources.


We built LIVING 2.0 Essentials to take care of both.


We used the following articles, studies, surveys, reports, and commentaries to inform and develop our benefits bundles. Data used in our marketing messages comes directly from this research.

Financial research articles, surveys, & studies

Finance: Consumer debt climbing during the COVID-19 pandemic | The Daily Sentinel


Financial Stress and Your Health | Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.


Prevalence of Mental Disorders After Catastrophic Financial Loss | National Library of Medicine


Prescription for Unemployment? Recessions & the demand for Mental Health Drugs | Health Economics


The Consequences of Financial Stress for Individuals, Families, and Society | Carleton University Research Study


63% of Americans Don’t Have Enough to Cover a $500 Emergency | Forbes Magazine


64% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke | The Motley Fool


Americans with student debt owe $24,155 on average | BenefitsPro


The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression | Int’l Monetary Fund


Recession vs Depression & What To Expect from COVID-19 | Real Wealth Network


Need for financial wellness services has reached critical mass | Benefits Pro


Trends Study 2020 Supporting Employee Well-Being in Uncertain Times | METLIFE Study


Opinion: Half of Americans over 55 may retire poor | MarketWatch


How employers ‘do’ employee financial wellness, and one issue the near-future may bring | BenefitsPro


The 2020 AFLAC Workforce Report | AFLAC


Uncertainty and financial stress driving closer scrutiny of employee benefits | BenefitsPro


More Americans fall into poverty after federal stimulus programs end | CNN


Unemployment’s Toll on Older Workers Is Worst in Half a Century| AARP


NEW! Fidelity 2021 Resolutions Study Fact Sheet | Fidelity


NEW! Nearly 40% of Americans say they’ll be in financial survival mode in 2021 | ABC WSAW


NEW! Survival Mode: Where 4 in 10 Americans Say They’ll Be Financially in 2021 | 401(k) Specialist


NEW! Over 68% of Americans had financial setbacks in 2020 amid the pandemic | USA TODAY

Behavioral Health + Wellbeing research articles, surveys, & studies

COVID-19’s Toll: Mental Distress Among Americans Has Tripled During the Pandemic | TIME


Smart CEOs must hear employee cry for mental health benefits | Benefit News


World in mental health crisis of ‘monumental suffering | University of Washington


The Millennial Mental Health Crisis | The Atlantic


More mental health resources in the workplace must accompany cultural shifts | Benefits Pro


UN leads call to protect most vulnerable from mental health crisis during/after COVID-19 | UN News


Frontline employees at high risk of burnout and other mental health challenges | Benefit News


A Suffering Generation: 6 factors contributing to the mental health crisis in No American higher education | College Quarterly


Why Young People Face a Major Mental Health Crisis | Psychology Today


Recovering from addiction during a time of uncertainty and social distancing | Harvard Health Pub.


What Managers Can Do to Ease Workplace Stress | Society for Human Resource Management


Coronavirus stress: Mental health issues are rising among workers, but help is available | CNBC


Prevalence of Depression Symptoms in US Adults Before & During the Pandemic | JAMA Network


Beyond Telehealth & EAPs: Need more mental health assistance during COVID | Benefits Pro


An Epidemic of Depression and Anxiety Among Young Adults | Bloomberg


Employees Three Times More Likely To Experience Poor Mental Health Now | Forbes


Mental Health America Survey: Mental Health in the Workplace | FlexJobs


Remote workers suffer from loneliness and isolationism as the pandemic in the U.S. drags on | CNBC


How to Manage the Loneliness and Isolation of Remote Workers | Gallup


Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic | CDC.GOV


Behavioral Health Market Overview | HarrisWIlliams & Co.


Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Care Advances Value for Patients, Providers and Communities | American Hospital Association


Ways Working in the Gig Economy Can Negatively Impact Your Mental Health |


Sleepless Nights, Hair Loss and Cracked Teeth: Pandemic Stress Takes Its Toll | Kaiser Health News


Free On-Demand 6-Session Course on Kids & Parents Mental Health  | National Alliance on Mental Illness


How Mental Health Can Save Businesses $225 Billion Each Year | Inc. Magazine


Mental Health Access & Care Household Pulse Survey | CDC National Center for Health Statistics


5 priorities for employers developing effective well-being programs | Employee Benefits News


COVID poses ‘greatest threat to mental health since WWII’ | The Guardian


COVID-19 is taking a heavy toll in America’s mental health-care deserts | National Geographic


Millennials Are Struggling the Most With Mental Health During the Pandemic—Here’s Why, and What to Do About It | Parade


What happens when COVID-19 and addiction collide? | Human Resource Executive


NAVIGATING COVID-19 Study: Impact on Mental Health | SHRM


Mental health numbers ‘going in the wrong direction’ | HR Executive


INFOGRAPHIC: COVID-19 Impact on Behavioral Health in the Workplace | The Standard


Addressing Substance Abuse in the Remote Workplace | Reworked


Report: The Role of Emergency Savings in Financial Wellness | Secure Retirement Institute


Report: Small Business Benefit Trends 2021 | Colonial Life


NEW! 3 Employee Benefits Trends for 2021’s ‘next normal’ | BenefitsPro


NEW! Lesson from COVID-19: Time for employers to invest in prevention instead of just treatment of mental illness | BenefitsPro


NEW! US cases of depression have tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic | MedicalNewsToday


NEW! The employee burnout crisis needs more than a reactive tech stack | BenefitsPro


NEW! Pandemic burnout could affect employee retention, report cautions | BizWomen


NEW! Infographic: The employee mental health crisis is coming | BenefitsPro


NEW! STUDY: Prevalence of Depression Symptoms in US Adults Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic | The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Employee Benefits Surveys & Reports

The age of agility | Thompson Online Benefits Research Study


US Benefits Trend Report 2020 | NFP


2020 Workplace Benefits Report | Bank of America


Has COVID-19 Forever Changed the Future of Benefits? | The Hartford


The Future of Benefits INFOGRAPHIC | The Hartford


NEW! DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2021-final.pdf | Global Leadership Forecast 2021 Study


NEW! 5 Critical Statistics about Benefits and Employee Retention | ArmadaCare