LIVING 2.0 | Essentials | Simple: An overview of each Program.
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Simple: An overview of each Program.

Simple: An overview of each Program.

At LIVING 2.0 Rewards, we like to keep things simple. So here goes: If you watch this video from our CEO that briefly explains each program, you’ll see we mean business with our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

If you do not earn & save 5-times the cost of your Rewards subscription in the 1st month, we’ll refund your subscription.*

See? Simple.


*Simple Terms: 1. Of the top 6 programs (TravNow, ShoppingBoss, StuLo, Zebit, Bearn, & Viv) – you must use Viv (by submitting 3 bills) & at least 2 other programs. 2. If you do not earn/save at least $50 in month #1, send us emails & screen captures showing your earnings/savings & we will refund your subscription cost. Thanks so much for your time!