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Reduce your expenses.

Save on new purchases.

Get paid for doing what you normally do.

Money isn’t everything.


LIVING 2.0 Rewards is designed to help you live a better life, reduce your expenses, help you save when you buy and earn you money, every day.


We all have monthly expenses and LIVING 2.0 Rewards helps to reduce those expenses, like cable, satellite and cell phone bills.  If you have student loans, our program makes sure you are taking advantage of every discount available to reduce those payments to the absolute minimum.  LIVING 2.0 Rewards users have reported savings of over $300/month expense reduction alone!


Freeing up cash from monthly expenses allows you to buy more things, go out to eat more often or go on that vacation you have been wanting to take.  LIVING 2.0 Rewards helps with that as well!  Buy with exclusive discounts, or get extras for the same amount of money.  Get hotel and resort rooms at rates lower than the other major discount travel websites offer.


How would you like to make overtime pay, without working overtime?  The LIVING 2.0 Rewards program actually lets you earn money by burning calories!  You get paid extra for doing what you do everyday!


Sound too good to be true?  So did we, so here is the deal, we guarantee you will save 5 times the cost of our program each month or you get your money back!


What will you do with your extra money?  Travel, you get better, nicer rooms or more nights for the same money.  Eat out, you get exclusive discounts at restaurants all over the USA.  Upgrade appliances or furniture, more exclusive discounts on the best brands at the best retailers.  LIVING 2.0 REWARDS keeps serving you day after day, month after month.


If you have monthly bills, eat out, travel, or move around on your job, then LIVING 2.0 Rewards is for you!!!


The best part is, there are no caps or limits on how much you can reduce, save and earn.


Try LIVING 2.0 REWARDS today.

You get all 6 of these Programs:


Guaranteed lowest price for Hotels & Resorts, plus dining, entertainment, & cash-back shopping.


In store or online, earn an average 6% INSTANT cash back at over 270 retailers & restaurants.


Student Loan Debt Relief. Work with our specialists to reduce your loans up to 40%.


Shop millions of products and pay over time. Pay no interest (that's right, none).


Earn for every calorie you burn. Get paid to improve your health and fitness! Available Early January 2020 for iPhone, February for Android


NEW! You upload your bills. We lower your bills. We split the savings.

Plus add any one of these…


Repair, grow & strengthen your marriage or committed relationship.

Face2Face Health

The most accurate source for parents to take control of their child's health & well being.

College Survival Kit

The Do's and Don'ts of how to get into the right College & get more financial aid.


A mobile game that teaches how to reduce stress & anxiety.

and that’s LIVING 2.0 Rewards!

How much could you save?


We're accessible 24/7/365 anywhere, any place, any time, LIVING 2.0 is there.



Every program is based on cutting-edge science, so you get the best information available.



LIVING 2.0 is available on any device: smartphones, tablets, your home computer or laptop.


Use our programs and save over $500 every month.

What We Offer

For whatever is going on in your life, LIVING 2.0 Rewards has you covered with real, proven programs to improve your financial health, reduce stress, and improve your quality of life.

Our programs are designed help you live life to the fullest–while saving you more than 20x the cost every month.

THAT’s LIVING 2.0 Rewards

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Money & Finances

Travel & Entertainment


*This specially negotiated low price offer is only available to members of organizations who contract with our company, Relationship 2.0, and are not available to the general public.