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Explore L2.0 Essentials Premium

Stay healthy.

Save money.

Care for all.

Go on, explore.

With LIVING 2.0 Essentials Premium, you get everything in Essentials and Essentials+ and you also get Tele-Medicine.


Grab your device, see a doctor, no insurance necessary. Real health care, real cheap.


Click below to explore each program.


Unlimited doctor appointments for you and your family. $0 co-pay.


Unlimited virtual therapy appointments for you and your family. No co-pays. No surprise bills.

Relationship Health

Repair, grow + strengthen your marriage or committed relationship.

PTSD Recovery+

A self-administered test that can identify several types of PTSD and other health risks.

Social Anxiety Relief

A mobile game that teaches how to reduce stress + anxiety.

Child Development+

The most accurate source for parents to take control of their child's health + wellbeing.

Smart Sober Living

A complete 28 day + 1 year recovery support program for Opioid, drug & alcohol addiction.

Smart Wellness

Personalized nutrition, fitness routines, even customized recipes. Total wellness, all in one place.

Lower Your Bills

You upload your bills. We lower your bills. We split the savings.

0% Pay Day Loans

Get access to your paycheck immediately - with no fees!

Get Paid To Exercise

Earn for every calorie you burn. Get paid to improve your health and fitness!

Smart Medication Manager

Resolve medication administration issues for seniors. Take the right amount at the right time.

Travel, Entertainment, and Dining Discounts

Get discounts on Take-out and $100’s in Grocery coupons. Plus guaranteed lowest price for Hotels + Resorts, entertainment, + cash-back shopping.

Student Loan Debt Relief

Work with our specialists to reduce your loans up to 40%.

Shop Now, Pay Later

Shop millions of products and pay over time. Pay no interest (that's right, none).

Cash Back Mall

Shop at over 1,400 stores with cashback, special offers, + more!

Save + Give

Get cash back on things you buy. Donate a percentage to charity.