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Explore L2.0 Essentials Premium

Stay healthy.

Save money.

Care for all.

Go on, explore.

With LIVING 2.0 Essentials Premium, you get everything in Essentials and Essentials+ and you also get Tele-Medicine.


Grab your device, see a doctor, no insurance necessary. Real health care, real cheap.


Click below to explore each program.


Unlimited doctor appointments for you and your family. $0 co-pay.


Unlimited virtual therapy appointments for you and your family. No co-pays. No surprise bills.

Relationship Health

Repair, grow + strengthen your marriage or committed relationship.

PTSD Recovery+

A self-administered test that can identify several types of PTSD and other health risks.

Social Anxiety Relief

A mobile game that teaches how to reduce stress + anxiety.

Safety Net

Leverage your community to stay safe, all from your phone.

Child Development+

The most accurate source for parents to take control of their child's health + wellbeing.

Smart Sober Living

A complete 28 day + 1 year recovery support program for Opioid, drug & alcohol addiction.

Lower Your Bills

You upload your bills. We lower your bills. We split the savings.

0% Pay Day Loans

Get access to your paycheck immediately - with no fees!

Rewards For Walking

Earn for every calorie you burn. Get rewarded to improve your health and fitness!

LIVING 2.0 Deals

Our new deal: we can save you a lot of money on everything from travel to dining to shopping and more.

Student Loan Debt Relief

Work with our specialists to reduce your loans up to 40%.

Shop Now, Pay Later

Shop millions of products and pay over time. Pay no interest (that's right, none).

Save + Give

Shop, save, earn rewards, give gifts, and support your favorite charities - all in one place.